Megaplex 2019 has ended
Furry fun. Florida Sun.
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Parker the Pit

nonbinary pit bull, tattooer/illustrator, and loveable goofball! they/them pronouns only
Friday, August 9

9:00am EDT

11:00am EDT

2:00pm EDT

3:00pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

5:00pm EDT

7:30pm EDT

10:00pm EDT

Saturday, August 10

12:30am EDT

9:30am EDT

1:00pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

4:30pm EDT

6:00pm EDT

7:00pm EDT

7:30pm EDT

8:30pm EDT

9:00pm EDT

9:30pm EDT

11:00pm EDT

Sunday, August 11

12:30pm EDT

3:00pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

8:00pm EDT

9:00pm EDT